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Preschool & daycare Białołęka

Preschool & daycare Warszawa Białołęka - TEQUESTA

Private preschool & daycare Tequesta in Białołęka in Warsaw

We firmly believe in the bilingual model of teaching starting from a child's earliest years. The age of 1,5-2 years is the age where a child is exceptionally eager to learn new things, as this is based on their developmental needs. Children explore the world around them and we only help them. We create a safe, friendly and interesting place, where passionate teachers create a friendly atmosphere so that the little ones can learn new words and phrases, become familiar with the language and correct pronunciation. In our nurseries there is also time for learning independence. We focus on a supportive approach to children. Our teachers have received training in Positive Discipline and work with children in the PD stream.

This year we decided to introduce classes using the synthetic acoustics method known as Jolly Phonics, which is recognized as the most effective method of Learning to Read and Write in the UK.

In our Preschools & daycares, the didactic program is tailored to the natural needs and individual readiness level of children. We give plenty of space and room for exploring and free learning. The classrooms are very spacious, equipped with aids for Sensory Integration. In our kindergarten in Bialoleka we conduct classes with elements of SI. In addition, the program includes Multisport classes, general developmental movement classes, eurhythmics, Sanford Harmony- classes on communication and emotions, and the Jolly Phonics Method.

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