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TEQUESTA International Preschool & Daycare of Warsaw - Mokotów

ul. Przejazd 2,
02-654 Warsaw
Tel: +48 536 532 755
e-mail: mokotow@tequesta.pl

Private Tequesta Preschool and Daycare in Mokotów is our first facility established in Warsaw, which has provided its services for more than 15 years.
During this time, we have managed to create international kindergarten with unique atmosphere, which provides the little ones with a safe place for their education and development.
Intercultural Warsaw Mokotów preschool and daycare is located in a secure, guarded Marina Mokotów housing estate, at 2 Przejazd Street, surrounded by some beautiful greenery.



International non-public TEQUESTA Warsaw Mokotów English language preschool fulfils special dietary requirements by catering for cases of allergies and dietary exclusions. The chef and nutrition technologist plan and prepare their meals according to the Ministry of Education guidelines, following healthy eating recommendations. The meals prepared by our staff are tasty and healthy — all dishes are based on the highest quality ingredients.

Age requirement for admission at Tequesta Warsaw Mokotów:


3 to 6
age group


1 year of age!


Private Kindergarten and Nursery Tequesta Mokotów

Private Kindergarten and Nursery Tequesta Mokotów is a place that has been providing the highest quality education and care for the youngest residents of Warsaw for over 15 years. Our facility is proud of its long history and rich experience, which allow us to create a unique atmosphere conducive to children's development and learning.

Location: Warsaw Mokotów

Located in Warsaw's Mokotów district, our international kindergarten and nursery Mokotów enjoys an excellent location in the Marina Mokotów housing estate. It is a safe, guarded environment that is the perfect place for our little ones to discover the world. Little ones learn and develop among beautiful greenery, which creates a unique context for their childhood.

Our goal from the very beginning of the facility's existence has been to provide parents and their children with peace of mind and confidence that their children are in the best hands. Our teaching staff are experienced specialists who love working with children and have the necessary qualifications to provide them with the highest level of education. We make sure that our employees are always ready and committed to creating a friendly atmosphere conducive to the development of children.

International kindergarten - Warsaw Mokotów

In our international kindergarten and nursery, we focus on interculturalism and diversity. We believe that it is cultural and linguistic differences that enrich our lives and children's education. Therefore, we want our facility to be a place where children can meet peers from different parts of the world and learn from each other. This allows them to develop tolerance, openness to others and the ability to cooperate, which are important skills in today's global society.

Our kindergarten and nursery offer comprehensive care and education for children aged from a few months to six years. Each stage of development is properly supported thanks to an individualized approach to each child. Our educational program is based on proven teaching methods that take into account the needs and abilities of children of different ages. We try to develop both cognitive and social skills in them so that they are ready for school and life in society.

Our Tequesta kindergarten and nursery in Mokotów is not only a place of learning, but also of developing passions and interests. Children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of additional activities, such as art, music, sports and learning foreign languages. We want to inspire little explorers and artists to develop their potential and shape their passion.

Safety in kindergarten

The safety of our students is our priority. Therefore, our facility is equipped with modern monitoring and security systems, and the staff is trained in first aid. We also provide appropriate medical care thanks to cooperation with local medical facilities.

In our international Tequesta kindergarten and nursery in Mokotów, we also care about a healthy and balanced diet of our children. Our menu is carefully prepared, taking into account the individual needs of children and providing them with the necessary nutrients. Thanks to this, children learn healthy eating habits from an early age.

We are proud of our history and the achievements we have built over the years. Our international Tequesta kindergarten and nursery in Mokotów is a place where every child can feel special and important. We are convinced that our facility provides a solid foundation for the future success and development of every child. Therefore, we invite all parents and children to visit our facility and see what development and learning opportunities await your children in our Tequesta kindergarten and nursery in Mokotów.


These are just a few guys of TEQUESTA international staff, the staff of 70 people!
Use this invitation to our Open Days to get acquainted with all teachers and Native Speakers!

Izolda Bombicz - NiemirskaDirector

I am a graduate of Jan Kochanowski University, Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy. I also graduated in Management in Education at the Stefan Wyszyński University, Preschool and Early School Pedagogy at the University of Lodz and Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. I am currently studying Clinical Logopedics.
I started my adventure with early life education many years ago in the Republic of Ireland, where for almost a decade I gained my experience first as a group teacher and later on as a director of educational establishment. I have been involved with TEQUESTA for 10 years. I love working with children and with people. I love watching our pupils grow up and acquire new skills, how they learn life, new languages and how they socialize.
I am characterized by the joy of life :) I have very versatile interests and passions :)
My interests are astronomy, medicine, psychology and photography.

Rasmita PalaiEnglish Native Teacher - educator in group of three-year-olds

I come from India, a country that is a mix of different cultures, traditions, flavors and spices, with a long history and complex origins.
I am a very warm person by nature. My hobbies include singing, listening to music and gardening. My passion for singing led me to learn classical Indian singing, which I admired since I was 12.
Besides, I love cooking traditional Indian cuisine dishes, and whenever such opportunity arises — taste original dishes from other parts of the world.
I graduated with a master's degree in English, as well as Electronics and Telecommunications, which made me work in the IT sector. However, deep inside I was feeling all the time that what makes me the happiest is spending my time with children. Already in my school days, I gained a 3-year experience in teaching English and in caring for children and infants. I also completed an intensive one-year childcare course to expand my pedagogical competence.

Chaimaa BarriEnglish Native Teacher

My name is Chaimaa Barri, but you can call me “Ms Chaimusia” — my pupils started calling me that, and I really loved it. This just shows that the kids also came to love me. I am Moroccan, and I graduated from Moroccan University in Casablanca. I have 10 years of experience in teaching preschoolers and toddlers. After three years of working at the TEQUESTA preschool, I had availed of the opportunity to move to Germany for 5 years. Staying there made me gain even more experience with children.
Currently my home is Poland, and I love being here.
I love children and spending time with them makes me happy.
Teaching is not just a job, it’s also a passion and infinite inspiration.

Gedrick CaneteEnglish Native Teacher - group zero educator

The year 2023 marks my 6 years of work at TEQUESTA, and every year brings some new, tremendous and exhilarating experiences. I took part in the seminars organized by the school, which contributed to my knowledge on teaching children. I also learned the Jolly Phonics method, which is a great way to teach kids to read. Jolly Phonics is a truly astounding method where learning begins by listening to the sounds of the alphabet and by learning to combine these sounds together. I had the opportunity to teach my 5 year old pupils using this method and it was really great to see that they could learn to read and write in a way that guarantees great fun at the same time. I appreciate the way how readily available are my training materials - using the mobile application [MZ20], the tutorial for teachers, the workbook for the pupils and the multimedia board.
My goal is to build a firm foundation for each child's learning, and for learning English in particular — so that every child may be as prepared and confident as possible when they move on to another school.

Hananiah Carpio HicksEnglish Native Teacher - four-year-olds group educator

My name is Hananiah and I come from the beautiful Philippines. I grew up in a loving family that always supported me in my passions. I love all kinds of art, and in my free time I usually paint, sculpt, knit and create digital art. These are some of my hobbies that I would like to share with and pass on to my pupils. I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship.
When I was young, I was raised in a family of teachers. My mom teaches at Sunday school and my grandparents run a training center. I attended KUMON classes, which are really an advanced formula of learning English and mathematics. I also had the opportunity to teach at the same institution. For years I have been a KUMON instructor in the Philippines in reading and mathematics. For three years I also worked as an analyst and mentor for BPO - an American accounting firm. In August 2019, I came to Poland, and already in 2020 I became a teacher at TEQUESTA preschool.
I love working with children. They bring a lot of joy to my heart. I am flattered to know that I share with them what I have learned myself. I look forward to every day to see my pupils smile.
I am passionate about personal development and raising children in such a way as to unleash their full potential — so that they can be the best version of themselves.

Jigger GonzagaEnglish Native Teacher - five-year-olds group educator

Working as a volunteer in my hometown in the Philippines when I was a teenager is one of those memories I will remember for the rest of my life. We circled around in our community pushing in front of us carts with blackboards, books, paper sheets and exercise books. Our goal was to help educate those who were less fortunate and could not afford a proper education. That experience has largely shaped me.
Passion for teaching children made me working as a teacher at TEQUESTA an obvious choice. At TEQUESTA, I got my certificate for teaching with the Jolly Phonics method. I was extremely happy to be able to share my knowledge with these great kids!
My name is Jigger Gonzaga. Before I came to Poland, I was a team leader at the esteemed BPO company, where I mastered my communication skills, which I now am happy to employ with some great results while working with children.
I believe I don't have to be the best, but I try hard and want to be better every day.

Paulina GołośContract teacher - group zero educator

My name is Paulina Gołoś. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in preschool pedagogy with early school education at Siedlce University of Life Sciences and Humanities. I graduated with a master’s degree from Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Pedagogy in the same faculty. I also completed postgraduate studies in Pedagogical Therapy with Early Life Development Propagation. I have now started an internship for appointed teacher!
Working with children is my greatest passion and it gives me some tremendous satisfaction. The greatest joy for me is a smile of a child and observing child’s progress. I am constantly expanding my competences, learning new and intriguing methods of working with children. The most important thing for me is responsibility and concern for the safety and security of children. Observing the kids in my group and being with them every day gives me tremendous joy and motivation to act. I have been working for TEQUESTA since 2013 and I love this place! :)

Wioleta FilipAppointed teacher - three-year-olds group educatorar

I am mum of tiny Laurka, appointed teacher and special educator with many years of experience under my belt. I graduated from the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Pedagogy in Warsaw, majoring in special pedagogy, therapeutic specialization — children with chronic illnesses and mobility disabilities. I also completed undergraduate program at the Warsaw Agricultural University, majoring in early school and preschool pedagogy. I completed training in Hand Therapy (1st degree, 2nd degree). I am interested in Sensory Integration Therapy and Brain Gymnastics.
I love interesting historical facts. I really enjoy reading, drawing and watching old movies. In my free time I grab my brush and paint. I have been working for TEQUESTA preschool since 2014.

Małgorzata MigdołContract teacher - four-year-olds group educator

My name is Małgorzata Migdoł, but you can call me Gosia :)
I am a graduate of the University of Opole. I graduated in Pedagogy of Young Children with Preschool Education and in Elementary Education with Pedagogical Therapy. I also started my adventure with children in Opole as a Preschool Education Teacher. I am currently interning as appointed teacher at TEQUESTA, for which I have been working since 2018.
I have a large and cheerful family! My family is real big - I have four brothers :), but also a few cousins and uncles, with whom I have very close relations. I guess, that’s how I became fond of being a teacher. As early as the 6th grade of elementary school I decided that I would be a teacher and it came off!
My mission as a teacher is not just to give kids love, heart and smile, but also to teach them to do the same. In today's crazy times of rapid change, it’s quite crucial to emphasize the essence of developing relationships regardless of people’s age, appearance, origin or religion. TEQUESTA provides the best evidence that it's possible, that this thing actually works.
I am cheerful, outgoing, open minded and creative person, with a zest for life, for acquiring knowledge and learning about the beauty of the world. I love dancing, singing and laughing!

Paulina TockaPsychologist, four-year-olds group educator

My name is Paulina :)
I am a graduate of psychology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.
I am currently doing postgraduate studies in the faculties of sensory integration - diagnosis and child therapy, as well as pedagogy.
I have many years of experience working with children at every developmental stage, starting from newborn to adolescence.
Thus changes that accompany children in their educational process are very familiar for me.
At TEQUESTA preschool together with my colleagues, I am in charge of a group of four-year-old children. I also use my psychological knowledge to support our staff, parents and pupils. The energy of the kids is often beyond belief. I assist the kids in their difficult adaptation period, I also monitor their individual needs and support them in strengthening their relationships with their peers.
My personality is defined by such traits as conscientiousness and extroversion. Definitely, relationships are my kind of thing :)
In my free time I like to read books and drink good coffee. I also have a daily cycling routine.

Marta GórniakTeacher - five-year-olds group educator

My name is Marta Górniak. I graduated with a master's degree in preschool and elementary school pedagogy, and completed postgraduate studies in Diagnosis and Therapy of Children with Sensory Integration Disorders. I am currently doing an internship to become appointed teacher.
My work with children dates back to when I was tutoring my younger colleagues:) My work helped them improve their academic performance. This challenge has let me redefine my professional career. The first professional experience I gained was work in a public institution, where during my university education I was professor’s assistant. Working with experienced teachers had a great impact on my way of working with children.
Working in preschool gives me a sense of fulfillment and is my genuine passion. It is a place for me to develop empathy and understanding, but at the same time to draw attention to how much we can learn from children.
My hobbies are psychology, personal development, books and sports.


What do Parents say about us?

Mateusz Baran
Mateusz Baran

Przedszkole i żłobek to wspaniałe miejsca, w których dzieci mogą rozwijać się i uczyć poprzez zabawę. Personel jest bardzo troskliwy i pomocny, a programy edukacyjne są ciekawe i skuteczne. Atmosfera jest przyjazna i bezpieczna, co pozwala dzieciom czuć się komfortowo i swobodnie. Rodzice mogą być spokojni, że ich dziecko jest w dobrych rękach i otrzymuje najlepszą opiekę. Polecam ten żłobek i przedszkole każdemu, kto szuka miejsca dla swojego dziecka.


Świetne miejsce moje dziecko spędzając czas tam rozwija się oraz czerpię radość, wiele zabaw, doświadczeni pracownicy, miłe przedszkolanki.Bardzo dobre podejście do dziecka we wszystkim. serdecznie polecam każdemu

Kinga Majewska
Kinga Majewska

Super miejsce! moja córka uwielbia chodzić do tego przedszkola. Dużym plusem jest to że jeden z opiekunów mówi po angielsku i dzięki temu dziecku samoistnie wchodzi obcy język co daje łatwiejszy start w przyszłości.

Filip Zawartka
Filip Zawartka

Żłobek Tequesta to miejsce, w którym moje dziecko czuje się bezpieczne i szczęśliwe. Personel jest bardzo opiekuńczy i zaangażowany, a zajęcia dostosowane są do potrzeb i możliwości mojego dziecka. Codziennie otrzymuję informacje o tym, co działo się w żłobku, co bardzo mi pomaga w byciu zaangażowanym w rozwój i edukację mojego dziecka. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z decyzji o wyborze Żłobka Którtka dla mojego dziecka i polecam go innym rodzicom.



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