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Tequesta Żoliborz

TEQUESTA International Preschool & Daycare of Warsaw - Żoliborz
ul. Jasnodworska 3c,
01-745 Warsaw
Tel: 603 919 096
e-mail: zoliborz@tequesta.pl
International Nonpublic Preschool and Private Daycare Tequesta Warsaw Żoliborz is our other facility, where we pass on the TEQUESTA values to children every day. We do so maintaining the highest standards and adhering to the international and intercultural character of the establishment.
The facility is located in very bright and transparent premises at Jasnodworska Street in the green area of Żoliborz district. We have pre-school groups, where English language is taught according to our original tuition program, and the curriculum is implemented using the latest teaching methods. Top education level is ensured by our qualified staff consisting of Native Speakers and Polish-speaking educators. 
In addition, in order to meet the expectations of Parents, in Żoliborz we also opened up our daycare for the youngest age group.



International non-public TEQUESTA Warsaw Żoliborz English language preschool fulfils special dietary requirements by catering for cases of allergies and dietary exclusions. The chef and nutrition technologist plan and prepare their meals according to the Ministry of Education guidelines, following healthy eating recommendations. The meals prepared by our staff are tasty and healthy — all dishes are based on the highest quality ingredients.

Age requirement for admission at Tequesta Warsaw Żoliborz:


3 to 6
age group


1 year of age!



These are just a few guys of TEQUESTA international staff, the staff of 70 people!
Use this invitation to our Open Days to get acquainted with all teachers and Native Speakers!

Izolda Bombicz - NiemirskaDirector

I am a graduate of Jan Kochanowski University, Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy. I also graduated in Management in Education at the Stefan Wyszyński University, Preschool and Early School Pedagogy at the University of Lodz and Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. I am currently studying Clinical Logopedics.
I started my adventure with early life education many years ago in the Republic of Ireland, where for almost a decade I gained my experience first as a group teacher and later on as a director of educational establishment. I have been involved with TEQUESTA for 10 years. I love working with children and with people. I love watching our pupils grow up and acquire new skills, how they learn life, new languages and how they socialize.
I am characterized by the joy of life :) I have very versatile interests and passions :)
My interests are astronomy, medicine, psychology and photography.

IZABELA KRZACZEKPolish language teacher

I am a graduate of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University of Warsaw. I have a master's degree in early school and preschool education with specialization in teaching. I started working with children during my time at the university. It is my passion and one of the best life experiences. By sharing knowledge with children, I learn new things, myself.

Every single kid is an individual with own personality and distinct interests, and during my classes he or she can always find something special. When teaching, I try employing different methods adapting them to the interests and needs of children.
In my spare time I love to draw and paint, which is why I do a lot of art work with the kids. Watching how kids make progress gives me huge motivation to act and keep on working.

Justyna SasinPolish language teacher

I completed my first cycle studies, specialization in work pedagogy, and obtained master's degree in early school and preschool pedagogy at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University of Warsaw. During my studies, I completed several internships in kindergartens and schools, which reassured me that I wanted to work with children. This type of professional work lets me enjoy the little things in life, teaches me patience and makes me adopt a relaxed attitude to life.
Smiling face and twinkle in the eyes of a child gives me the sense of accomplishment. Working with children is my passion. Their needs and feelings are really important to me. It is also important for me that children learn to work independently, think creatively and are curious about the world.
I continue to improve myself and develop my skills.

Olly Louie CastilloEnglish Native Teacher

I was born on one of the biggest islands of the Philippines called Mindoro, more than 10 thousand kilometers away from Poland. Back there in the Philippines, I have three brothers and five sisters. We're one big family.
I moved to Poland in 2011; then I started working as an English language tutor for children from Polish families. I also worked as a choreographer and dancer of regional Filipino dances for our Filipino community gathered around the Embassy of the Philippines here in Warsaw. As a dancer, I had the opportunity to perform on several occasions before diplomats and representatives of the Polish government. I'm also occasionally involved in role playing for commercial films.
Being able to work with children and help them grow is the greatest life experience for me. Teaching and caring for children, inspiring them, being part of their development process is my passion. At first I used to miss my family a lot, however since I work in the kindergarten, surrounded by children who remind me of the younger part of my own family, longing has turned into commitment and passion.
We Filipinos value family and close relationships very much and hard work has great importance for us. I follow these values in my private life and in my professional life also here in Poland.

Naomi MwanzaEnglish Native Teacher

 Life is full of hills
“Loving the hills” is an attitude adopted toward training as a young athlete. Most people train on flat land because it’s easier. But I would intentionally seek out hills. Life is full of all kinds of “hills.” Once you accept this, obstacles and challenges you face don't matter as much because you understand they're supposed to be there. When things get tough, remind yourself it’s just a hill. And once you get over a hill, there’s a valley on the other side.  (Janine Shepherd)
I was born in Chingola, Zambia, and grew up there. I have six siblings: three sisters and three brothers. In 2014 I moved to Turkey with my family and in 2015 from Turkey to Warsaw.
I am passionate about education, because it’s something that I sincerely believe in, something that changes the lives of many children. Working with children is a very rewarding experience and offers plenty of fun at the same time — every day is simply different. My dream was to be part of kindergarten, to be able to support and teach little kids, as well as develop their potential and teach them new skills. 
What does life mean to me? Life is family and friends, people that I can trust and people that trust me. I like to gain new experiences, which helps me communicate better with children and my friends. Interacting and collaborating with others lets me develop myself continuously and achieve new goals.
My hobbies include watching documentaries, dancing, singing, shopping and traveling to meet new people and cultures. I love human contact and food - that's my passion.
What are my plans for the future? As soon as I completed my bachelor's degree, I decided to go on with my master's degree in Warsaw. I think once my education is over, I will be ready to start a family of my own.

Magdalena ŚwigutPreschool teacher

I'm a happy mum to a 4 year old little girl. As a child, I dreamed of working with kids in the future. I started working with children 6 years ago as a babysitter, and then I started my career in educating kids. I am a cheerful, caring and responsible person.
In my spare time I love to cook, ride a bike and spend time with my loved ones. I am thrilled to be part of the Tequesta Preschool staff. I look forward to seeing you all, kids!

Barbara LigockaPolish language teacher

I am a graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Warsaw.
I knew since I was a child that I wanted to be a teacher. Already then, I was organizing activities for younger children in my area, trying to support them and helping them with different sort of things. I did a lot of volunteering work, including kindergarten and socio-therapeutic community, where I conducted activities and helped organize outings. Privately, I am a bookworm and a lover of live music.
I hope that a great adventure is ahead of us and that I will meet your and your children's expectations!

Rojbin KilicEnglish Native Teacher

My name is Rojbin (you can call me Robin) and I come from Turkey.
I have a bachelor's degree in English language teaching. I have 3 years of experience working as an English language teacher in Turkey. During my internship, I also worked as an assistant teacher at the International Trilingual School of Warsaw, helping teachers of English, Spanish, Polish, French and Chinese, both in kindergartens and primary schools.
Apart from my passion for teaching, I love working with children and exploring the world together with them.
Because teachers are people who are in constant contact with children and have a big impact on their lives, I put my whole heart into my work and it is a great honor and pleasure for me doing what I do. I really enjoy working for a better future for children.

Sevgi ErkunEnglish Native Teacher

My name is Sevgi, but you can call me Seva.
I come from Turkey. I have a bachelor's degree in English language teaching from two different Turkish colleges. I worked as a trainee teacher in groups of various levels — including high school and preschool. I did a three-month internship as a volunteer at the International Trilingual School of Warsaw as an assistant to teachers of English, Spanish, Polish, French and Chinese. For one semester, I also worked with children from 3 to 4 years old as the head teacher of English at Rubik Music School.
I love working with children and looking at the world through their eyes. I am sure that thanks to some great experience and the climate of TEQUESTA, my kids will be able to assimilate new language in a natural way, and their progress will be noticeable very quickly. I am very happy to work at the reputable TEQUESTA preschool and daycare.


What do Parents say about us?

Mateusz Baran
Mateusz Baran

Przedszkole i żłobek to wspaniałe miejsca, w których dzieci mogą rozwijać się i uczyć poprzez zabawę. Personel jest bardzo troskliwy i pomocny, a programy edukacyjne są ciekawe i skuteczne. Atmosfera jest przyjazna i bezpieczna, co pozwala dzieciom czuć się komfortowo i swobodnie. Rodzice mogą być spokojni, że ich dziecko jest w dobrych rękach i otrzymuje najlepszą opiekę. Polecam ten żłobek i przedszkole każdemu, kto szuka miejsca dla swojego dziecka.


Świetne miejsce moje dziecko spędzając czas tam rozwija się oraz czerpię radość, wiele zabaw, doświadczeni pracownicy, miłe przedszkolanki.Bardzo dobre podejście do dziecka we wszystkim. serdecznie polecam każdemu

Kinga Majewska
Kinga Majewska

Super miejsce! moja córka uwielbia chodzić do tego przedszkola. Dużym plusem jest to że jeden z opiekunów mówi po angielsku i dzięki temu dziecku samoistnie wchodzi obcy język co daje łatwiejszy start w przyszłości.

Filip Zawartka
Filip Zawartka

Żłobek Tequesta to miejsce, w którym moje dziecko czuje się bezpieczne i szczęśliwe. Personel jest bardzo opiekuńczy i zaangażowany, a zajęcia dostosowane są do potrzeb i możliwości mojego dziecka. Codziennie otrzymuję informacje o tym, co działo się w żłobku, co bardzo mi pomaga w byciu zaangażowanym w rozwój i edukację mojego dziecka. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z decyzji o wyborze Żłobka Którtka dla mojego dziecka i polecam go innym rodzicom.



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