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Izolda Bombicz - Niemirska

Preschool Prinicpal

I am a graduate of the Jan Kochanowski University, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, I also graduated Education in the University of Stefan Wyszyński and Pre-school and Early Childhood Education at the University of Lodz.
I started my adventure with preschool many years ago in the Republic of Ireland, where being a teacher in the group and later the director of the Kindergarden, I gained my experience for almost a decade. I love working with children and people. I love to see how our pupils grow up and acquire new skills as they learn new languages, contacts and life.
I am characterized by the joy of life 
I'm interested in astronomy, medicine, psychology and photography.



Rasmita Palai

English Teacher



I would like to take this opportunity to welcome myself Rasmita Palai to this Preschool Tequesta.

I am from India, the land of various blends of cultures, traditions, food n spices, with a long history & origin.

I am a very warm hearted person by nature. My hobbies are singing, listening to music, & gardening. My passion for singing made me learn Indian classical odyssey vocals that I truly admire since I was 12 years old. I also love a lot to cook traditional Indian cuisine, as well as to try out continental delicacies whenever I get an opportunity.

I have completed graduation in English philology and also electronics & telecommunications and later and choose my subsequent profession in Information Technology soon thereafter. But somewhere I felt most happiness in teaching and spending time with children. In my schooling days I had three years of profound experience of teaching English as well as daycare of children & infants. I also attended an intensive one year childcare course to support my teaching skills. 



r. a. s. m. i. t. a.   p. a. l. a. i.


Chaimaa Barri

English Teacher

Hello everyone ,

My name is Chaimaa Barri , you can call me Ms Chaimusia , my kids from previous group gave me this nickname and I do love it and this  show as well how much those kids loved me . I am Morrocan , I did my English studies in Moroccan university in Casablanca  I have 10 years  experience  in teaching preschoolers and early childhood.I have been working in Tequesta for three years and  moved to Germany  for five years. Being  there allowed  me to gather more experience with kids

Poland is my home , I do love being here .

I love teaching children and spending  time with them .

Teaching is not only a job  it is a Passion  and inspiration .



Gedrick Canete

English lector

I am Gedrick Nellen Canete, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Iloilo, Philippines. A volunteer in outreach programs for children during college days. Passed the Philippines Nursing Licensure Board Examination in 2008. Worked as an Emergency and Operating nurse in Yemen and in Libya from 2009 to 2016. As a teacher in Tequesta since September 2016, I will use my background in nursing to help understand the growth and development of each child. Also, I like to do photography, video editing, web browsing, listening to Ted Talks programs, furthermore, I’m into arts and crafts and entertaining children with my creative and fun personality because I believe that children learn fast when they are having fun.


Hannaniah Carpio Hicks

Eanglish teacher

My name is Hananiah, I'm from the beautiful country Philippines. I grew up in a loving family who supports me with my passion. I am in love with arts, During my spare time, I usually paint, sculpt, knit, and do digital art. These are some of my hobbies that I would like to share and be enjoyed by my students. l completed Entrepreneurship in college. At a young age, I was raised in a teaching environment. My mother teaches Sunday school and my Grandparents run a learning center. I took KUMON classes which are advanced learning in English and Mathematics. I was also given the chance to teach in the same facility. I was a KUMON instructor in reading and mathematics in the Philippines for years. I also worked in BPO company's American accounts for three years as a Quality assurance analyst and trainer. I came to Poland in August of 2019 and started teaching in Tequesta in 2020. I love to work with children they bring joy to my heart. And I'm flattered to know that I'm sharing what I have learned with them. I look forward to seeing the smile of my students every day. I'm passionate about self-development and grooming them to unlock their potential and be the best versions of themselves.


Jigger Gonzaga

Eanglish teacher

Doing volunteer work in my hometown in the Philippines when I was a teenager, It was one of the memorable moments of my life. We would go around in our community with a blackboard, books, papers and notebooks in our push carts. Our goal was to help educate the less fortunate who cannot afford to go to school and that experience made a big part of me. The passion of teaching the kids made me choose to work here in Tequesta and Because of Tequesta I was able to get a certificate to teach Jolly phonics by sending me to a workshop and I have never been so happy to share my knowledge to these wonderful children. My name is Jigger Gonzaga, I was a team leader in one of the prestigious BPO company before I came here in Poland and I am proud that I have developed my communication skills very well where I can use in dealing with kids. I believe that I don't have to be the best but I want to be better every day.


Andile Nyathti


My name is Andile Nyathi but most people know me as Andy.I am from Zimbabwe.I have live here in Poland for five years.It is in these four years that I have discovered my love for working with Children.I have enjoyed teaching them,taking care of them and watching them grow in stature,intellect and the the knowledge of the English Language.This new discovery has made me consider taking another course or programme in Early Childhood development in 2021.I hold 2 diplomas one in IATA(International Air Transport Association)and another in Travel and Tourism Management.I am awaiting to get  a degree in Tourism and Business Management.


Paulina Gołoś

Polish teacher

My name is Paulina Gołoś. I graduated from the first degree in Pedagogy of Early  and Preschool Education at the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities,  graduated with a Master degree in the same faculty at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. Currently I am continuing my postgraduate studies in Pedagogical Therapy with Early Development Support.

Working with children is my greatest passion and gives me tremendous satisfaction. The biggest joy for me is a smile of a child and his progress. I constantly broaden my knowledge and skills and learn new methods of working with children. In my work the most important for me is responsibility and concern for the safety of children. Watching children in my group and staying with them daily is a great pleasure for me and motivates me to further work.

I was born in Siedlce. I have a younger sister Julia, who is starting high school in September.


Wioleta Filip- wychowawca w grupie trzylatków


I'm a mom of little Laura, a nominated teacher and a special educator with many years of experience; Graduate of the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, majoring in special pedagogy, with a therapeutic specialization - children with chronic illnesses and motor disabilities. I completed my bachelor's degree in early childhood and preschool pedagogy at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. I have completed training in Hand Therapy 1st and 2nd degree. I am interested in Sensory Integration therapy and Brain Gymnastics.

Privately, I love historical curiosities. I really enjoy reading, drawing and watching old movies. In my free time I grab a brush and paint. I have been associated with Tequesta since 2014.


Małgorzata Migdoł

Polish Teacher

My name is Małgorzata Migdoł, but Gosia is enough :)

I am a graduate of the University of Opole, I graduated in the fields of Pedagogy of Small Children with Pre-school Education and Elementary Education in Pedagogical Therapy. I also started my adventure with children in Opole as a Teacher of Pre-school Education. I am currently working as a contract teacher in Tequesta.

I can boast of a large, cheerful family! Not only the closest one, I have four brothers :), but also a cousin, aunt and uncle with whom I have very strong ties. I guess that's why I love being a teacher. Already in the 6th grade of Elementary school I decided that I would be a teacher and I succeeded!

My mission as a Teacher is not only to show children love, warmth and a smile, but to teach them that. In today's "fast" times it is important to emphasize the essence of creating interpersonal relationships regardless of age, appearance, origin or religion. Tequesta is the best proof that it's possible.

I am smiling, sociable, open and creative, with enthusiasm for action, eager to know and explore the beauty of the world. I love dancing, singing and laughing!


Paulina Tocka


I am a psychology graduate from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. I am currently in the course of postgraduate studies in the fields of sensory integration - diagnosis and therapy of children and pedagogy. I have many years of experience working with children at every stage of development. Starting from the newborn period to adolescence.

The changes that accompany the child in the educational process are therefore incredibly close to my heart.


 At the Tequesta preschool & daycare, I lead a group of four-year-olds together with my colleagues, and I also support our staff, parents and children with my psychological knowledge.The energy that exists there is often impossible to capture in a single sentence. I accompany the toddlers through the difficult period of adaptation, look at their individual needs and support them in forging inter-personal bonds with their peers.


Marta Górniak


My name is Marta Górniak. I graduated from the MA studies in the field of preschool and early school pedagogy, as well as postgraduate studies in the field of Diagnosis and Therapy of children with sensory integration disorders. I am currently doing my apprenticeship as a qualified teacher. The beginnings of my work with children date back to the time when I was tutoring my younger colleagues:) My work helped them to improve their academic performance. This challenge guided me in my further professional path. My first experience as a teacher was in a public institution, where I was a teacher's aide during my studies. Working with experienced teachers has strongly shaped my system of working with children. Working in a kindergarten gives me a sense of fulfilment and is my passion. It is a place for me to develop empathy and understanding, but at the same time to pay attention to how much we can learn from children. My interests are psychology, personal development, books and also sports.


Natalia Prokop


Ever since I was a child I felt I had 'something' to do on this planet. In 2016 my nephew was born, that's when I realised that all I really wanted was for him to become a strong, self-believing, good person. He sparked in me a love for little BIG people who I want to help every day to build their self-esteem and make each of their days more colourful and simply simpler.

My passion for many years was theatre and it will always remain in my heart. At Tequesta Nursery, as well as leading a group of the most adorable two-year-olds, I also help to create various performances.

The two qualities that most describe me are sincerity and caring. It is also worth mentioning that I love animals :)

 In my free time I love travelling, going to concerts, cinema, theatre and drinking good tea. 

I am a graduate of the High School of Acting in Cracow and of the Mediaworking course at the Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań. I am currently studying special pedagogy in Warsaw.

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