During a thunderstorm it is important to prioritize safety above all else. Here are some guidelines on how to behave during a thunderstorm:
1. Seek shelter: Move indoors to a sturdy building as soon as you hear thunder or see lightning. Avoid seeking shelter in small sheds open structures or under trees as these can be potentially dangerous.
2. Stay away from windows and doors: Avoid close contact with windows doors and other sources of electricity during a thunderstorm. Lightning can travel through electrical lines and metal objects so stay indoors until the storm passes.
3. Unplug electronics: To protect your electronics from power surges caused by lightning strikes it is advisable to unplug devices and appliances during a thunderstorm.
4. Avoid water and plumbing: Lightning can travel through plumbing systems so it is advisable to avoid activities like washing dishes taking showers or using sinks during a thunderstorm.
5. Stay away from tall objects or structures: Avoid being the tallest object in an open area during a thunderstorm as lightning is more likely to strike tall objects such as trees poles or towers.
6. Do not use the telephone: Lightning can also travel through telephone lines so it is best to avoid using landlines or corded phones during a thunderstorm. If you have to make an emergency call use a cell phone.
7. Stay inside until the storm passes: Wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard before going back outside. Lightning can strike from over 10 miles away so it is important to ensure the storm has moved away before resuming outdoor activities.
Remember thunderstorms can be dangerous so it is crucial to take precautions and prioritize your safety until the storm has passed.


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