Choosing a preschool for your child is a decision that can significantly impact their development and comfort. Below are some key aspects to consider when making this decision.



The budget you have available is a fundamental factor in choosing a preschool. Public preschools are usually cheaper but may offer fewer extracurricular activities compared to private preschools. It’s important to carefully review the costs and see if they align with your financial capabilities.


Distance from home

The location of the preschool is crucial, especially if both parents work and have no one to help. Proximity can greatly simplify daily life – a short commute, avoiding traffic jams, and the ability to quickly deliver forgotten items are just some of the benefits.


Distance from work

If the preschool is near your workplace, it can be advantageous in emergency situations, such as when your child suddenly falls ill. A short travel time from work to the preschool allows for a quick response, minimizing stress for both parents and the child.



Nutrition in preschools can vary depending on the facility. Public preschools often have their own kitchens where fresh meals are prepared daily. In private preschools, catering services are frequently used, which can be beneficial for children with special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.


Educational offerings

Educational activities in preschools are based on programs compliant with the new core curriculum. It’s worth paying attention to additional proprietary and innovative programs that may be offered at the selected preschool. Checking the educational offerings, including extracurricular activities, can help in finding a place that best meets your child’s needs.


Preschool garden

A preschool garden is an important element that affects the daily experiences of the child. A well-maintained garden allows for various outdoor activities, promoting health and development. Ensure the garden is safe and well-equipped.

Choosing a preschool is an important decision that requires considering many factors. Finances, location, educational offerings, nutrition, and preschool infrastructure are key aspects that need thorough analysis. It’s crucial that the preschool is a place where your child feels safe and happy and has the opportunity for comprehensive development.



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