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About us

Our mission

"Caring for a child is the first and fundamental test of attitude of one Human towards another".

(...) The most important is to ensure the Child experiences love and respect, create for him conditions to express them and apply to his daily life. Only by learning to respect and love we grow up to be fully a Human

The Mission of International Preschool TEQUESTA is to provide optimal conditions to develop Children’s personality, satisfy their needs, foster their learning skills and interests. It is also the mission of supporting family in the upbringing of the young generation, creating an atmosphere of acceptance, mutual trust and security in which the child plays, learns, acquires skills enriching his personality and stimulates his own activity towards the world around.

Our mission is also creating situations which arouse emotions in Children and motivating them to express their feelings, stimulating creativity and logical thinking.

Our mission is to imbue the Children with attitudes and behaviors consistent with the principles of Etiquette, arousing openness and acceptance of everything what is multicultural, supporting Parents in the upbringing of young person who is open to the world.

(…) Respect for the dignity of the individuals applies to every action towards the other person. Everyone has a right to feel beloved and respected. Particular attention to the values which protect the integral (i.e. physical, mental and spiritual) development and teaching being for others is essential for a young men just staring his life. This applies to all participants in the educational process - Parents, Children and institutional Educators.

Why Us?

  • The primary objective of our Kindergarten is to provide for young people:
    • high quality education
  • The kindergarten education is carried in two languages ​​- Polish and English
  • Kindergarten is international and intercultural
  • We focus on education, child-raising and mutual acceptance
  • In our Kindergarten we respect everyone and value individual differences
  • We provide professional and fully qualified staff
  • We care for a proper and healthy nutrition
  • We foster the inner development of our charges
  • We use the latest technology, multimedia projectors, mats, etc.
  • We also offer many interesting extra activities to meet our pupil’s needs

What we do?

We care - we care of our children as best as we can, creating safe environment for them

We support - at every step we are together with our charges to ensure their stability and security when exploring the world

We teach - we teach our children how to be an explorer of the world, focusing attention on respect and keeping the highest level of education

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