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English preschool & daycare

It is widely believed that children learn languages ​​easily as long as they have favorable conditions. This belief is consistent with the position of bilingualism researchers who add that they become bilingual in a natural way, when they are in contact with two languages ​​from an early age. That is why the Tequesta Preschool's program is structured to maintain this naturalness. The most important thing in the development of a child's bilingualism is care for its harmonious course, positive evaluation of both languages ​​and cultures, a favorable attitude towards bilingualism, and above all, being guided by the good of the child and a respectful attitude towards his needs.

Our teaching methods are based on the natural desire to learn and explore the world by children. This, because the approach makes learning give children great joy, is pleasant and associated with fun.

All mathematical, natural, experimental and gymnastics classes take place in the Polish-English bilingual system. In each class, starting from nursery classes - there is a English language tacher and Polish language teacher, each of them works only in their own group. The English language is at a very high level, our three-year-olds communicate freely English , they speaking full sentences, they can order dinner at a restaurant, or make interesting acquaintances with children from around the world.

Our language preschools in Mokotów and Żoliborz simultaneously run an original English language program created especially for Tequest Preschool - preparing children for future certification - YLE with accreditation by Britsh Council University Press.

Tequesta Nursery has been conducting two-track education since 1 year of age, simultaneously interweaving two languages, Polish and English. The nursery prepares children to move on to the next preschool stage to continue extended education in both languages.

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