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Our values

Tequesta Preschool & daycare is based on the curriculum in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

We have expanded our program by introducing activities based on methods stimulating young learner’s left and right brain. We set a high value on language education, which nowadays helps to open the borders of the world and creates opportunities for international education.

Our experienced and dedicated staff help the children to become successful learners, confident individuals, and caring contributors to society. The children learn through play and structured lessons, with a balance of free choice.

Our teachers support each child’s emotional well-being, ensuring that they are confident to take part in new activities and work with others. We provide the children with experiences and support that lead them to develop a positive sense of themselves, as well as respect for others, social skills, and a positive disposition to learn.

Our language pre-schools in Mokotow and Zoliborz work with its own English language program specially designed for Tequesta Kindergarten and preparing children for certification - YLE with British Council University Press accreditation.

From the 1 year of life, Tequesta Nursery has two-way inmerssion education, in parallel with the Polish and English languages. Learning is a form of play so that the language is very fluent. Our nursery prepares children to move on to the next preschool stage to continue their extended education in both languages.

Tequesta as a Private Nursery and Non-public Kindergarten is based on the curriculum in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

Our teachers use a variety of techniques and methods while lessons aimed to improve classes, such as a project method, glottodidactics, active listening according to Batti Strauss, Montessori elements, Verona Sherborne Developmental Movement, mathematical education by E. Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska and many others. Our teachers participate in various types of trainings, constantly improve themselves, which is reflected in the knowledge that is passed on to our charges.

In our Kindergartens we give the child a chance to develop his comprehensive passion and interests, therefore, we offer you a wide range of activities:

• English - in each group work two tutors, one of them is English speaking! Learning English in kindergarten is essential, because this is the stage when a child easily and in the fastest way learn the grammar and language phonetics. At this age, the brain is focused on learning the mother tongue anyway. The advantage of learning English in kindergarten is that the toddlers learn the language spontaneously and boldly and begin to communicate in it without barriers. The sooner a child starts learning, the higher chance that his or her pronunciation will be devoid of a foreign accent. Multilingualism in childhood affects positively the effectiveness of thinking and learning. Children’s thinking process becomes more flexible and creative. They believe in their own abilities, often they outperform others in solving tasks given in foreign language, also easier cope with mathematical tasks.

• Spanish - learning by playing and activities based on the natural method and the TPR (Total Physical Response) approach, which helps children acquire new language. Learning another foreign language is also learning culture, customs and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. Contact with a second foreign language makes children more open, creative and self-confident in dealing with people.

  • Music- during the classes we introduce exercises aimed at developing child's creativity. These include sung and played movement improvisation. This group of activities join tasks of general education with tasks of music. The children learn to speak out independently and develop their creative attitude.
  • physics and chemo-experimental classes - Jan Komensky wrote in "Great Didactics" to "teach people how to draw knowledge not from books, but from heaven and earth, from oaks and beeches" because direct contact with nature, physics and chemistry from an early age positively influences the development of children's natural and physicochemical interests and allows them to develop sensitivity to the beauty of the surrounding nature,
  • Zumba, Disco - working with rhythm provide the ability to master the steps of each dance style. During the classes in younger groups, short movement games with music,
  • Multisport classes - gymnastics workshops that develop small and large motor skills. They contain elements of the correction. They help care for the correct physical development of a toddler. Exercises have a positive effect not only on physical fitness, but also improve the brain - active children later cope better at school! Sport is above all a good fun.
  • theater classes, creating roles - children exercise their imagination and concentration during classes. Children learn by imitation. Classes are adapted to the age, level of skills, interests and needs of participants. We guarantee great fun and valuable experience.

Tequesta as a Private Nursery and Non-public Kindergarten cooperates with specialist:

• speech therapist - classes twice a week,

• pediatrician - depending on the needs of the kindergarten,

• child psychologist - classes once a week,

• special education teacher - depending on the needs of the kindergarten

We also offer extra-curricular afternoon activities (extra chargeable):

• Dance classes - held once a week, run by qualified instructor. The children learn elements of ballroom and folk dance, disco and hip hop. Children also learn dances typical for different regions of the world: poleczka, polonaise, mazurka, krakowiak, kalinka, chacha cha, samba, rumba and rock & roll, waltz, tango. They learn such dance systems as zorba, cowboy dance, arabian, hawaiian. Children practice choreography for such hits as "Daddy cool", "Waka waka". Dance systems with colorful pompons are very popular. Classes are attractive for girls as well as for boys, everyone will find something for himself. Boys love to dance cowboy dance and paso doble, girls – English waltz. Dance props such as pompons, fans, necklaces or colorful skirts make dance lesson even more attractive and exciting.

• Karate – held once a week. They shape the overall physical fitness of the child through a variety of dexterity games and fun. They teach to maintain proper posture, exercise speed, flexibility, endurance, also physical and visual coordination. Preschoolers learn to maintain the correct position of the body (straight spine) and the proper arms, hands and legs position, also learn how to turn over the mat safely. Besides improving the various techniques of this Japanese martial arts, the classes play an educational role - they teach children regularity, patience, attention and control of their emotions.

• Robotics classes - we use Lego Duplo Simple Machines during the lesson. The classes are carried out by the qualified instructor. Preschoolers in the group of ten learn to build such structures as windmills, swings and rafts - every lesson is thematic. Playing with blocks the children develop their ability to work in a group and think independently, they develop spatial imagination. They acquire knowledge in mathematics, physics and technology.

In advanced groups, there are used other sets of Lego WeDo blocks, which are equipped with various types of motors, motion sensors and lamps. For such activities the instruction is displayed on a laptop, which makes the lesson extremely attractive.

• Ballet Classes – during the classes the children learn the secrets of classical dance. Additionally, activities are enriched with modern dance techniques, acting and improvisation, pantomime, rhythm, stretching and coordination exercises. Each lesson consists of warm-up, exercise, dance and stretching. Thanks to ballet classes children develop their motor skills, musical sensitivity and a sense of rhythm. In the class the children listen to ballet music based on the most famous fairy tales and stories such as Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote.

• Swimming pool - is addressed to children aged 3-6years. Classes are carried out in two groups, the division of which depends on the needs and abilities of children. Preschoolers learn proper breathing in water, coordination of movements - hand and legs work in the backstroke and in freestyle such a front crawl. Fun games, jumping and sliding into the water make the children love it!

All children are welcome!

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