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Teachers Żoliborz


Natalia Wilińska

Preschool Principal

My name is Natalia and in my everyday life I am a mother of wonderful son who amazes me every day :)! I am a Clinical Psychologist by education, I graduate of the SWPS University, and professionally a Preschool Principal at Tequesta Żoliborz.

I started my journey with education a long time ago, slowly getting to know every aspect of working with children. For many years I worked as a psychologist, supporting teachers, parents and, of course, children. The experience I have gained over the years has made my work also my passion. I think that not many people can do what they love in their professional life, and I am so lucky that I can.

Working in Tequesta gives me many challenges, but also a lot of pleasure. I start every day with a smile on my face. Thanks to the fact that I am HERE, I had opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring people who motivate me to take a new step everyday!


Ambili Prajith

English Teacher

After completing Bachelors in teacher’s education and Masters in Economics from India, I moved to Warsaw the green city in 2012. Since my teenage I love to invest in future generation and decided the best is knowledge sharing and education. Having experience working in Poland understanding the culture and nature of the kids in Europe. Music and cooking is my other passions.


Grażyna Dąbrowska

Polish Teacher

I have a Master degree in the field of Pedagogy, speciality Preschool and Early Chlodchood Education at the Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Warsaw. I have been working with children during my studies. Working with children is my passion and one of the greatest experiences. Every time when I am teaching them I can learn something new. Every child is individual and has different interests but during my lessons everyone will find something special. I use a lot of methods of teching, which I try to adjust to children’s interests and needs.  During my free time I love drawing and painting so that is the reason why I am doing a lot of art works with children. The ability to see the children’s progress is for me the best motivation for further work.


Justyna Sasin

Polish Teacher

My name is Justyna Sasin. I graduated specialization of pedagogy of work and I got a master degree in pedagogy of early childhood education at the Warsaw University. Maria Skłodowska-Curie. During my studies, I had many practices in kindergartens and schools strengthe motivate me to work with children. Working with children allows me to enjoy the small things they do. The smile and flash in the child's eyes provide me with a sense of well-fulfilled duty. Working with children is my passion, my needs and their feelings are important to me.
It is important for me to let children learn to work independently, to think creatively and to be curious about the world around them. I still want to improve and develop my skills.



English Teacher

I was born in one of the largest islands in the Philippines called Oriental Mindoro, 9,738 km away from Poland. In the Philippines, I have three brothers and five sisters. We are one big family.

Living in Poland from 2011 I was working as a private tutor of English language for children here in Poland. I also work as choreographer/dancer of folk dance Filipino dances for our Filipino community which is in Philippine Embassy Warsaw. As a dancer, I had a few times chances to perform in front of diplomats and representatives of Polish Government. Occasionally I am also being invited to play roles in a commercial movie.

For me, working and helping children was one of the greatest experiences I ever had in my entire life. I think teaching and entertaining the kids are my passion.  And I like to share my knowledge with children, inspire them and to be a part of their life in their generation. I used to I feel that I miss my family, but since I work in preschool surrounded by the children who remind me younger part of my family, my missing changed into involvement and professional passion.

And we Filipinos treasure family and relationship, and we value the hard work. I use this values in my own private life and work in Poland.


Naomi Mwanza

English Teacher

                                                                          Life is full of hills

 “Loving the hills” is an attitude adopted toward training as a young athlete. Most people train on flat land because it’s easier. But I would intentionally seek out hills. Life is full of all kinds of “hills.” Once you accept this, obstacles and challenges you face don’t matter as much because you understand they’re supposed to be there. When things get tough, remind yourself it’s just a hill. And once you get over a hill, there’s a valley on the other side.  (Janine Shepherd)

                                                                          Who I am in life

 My name is Naomi Mwanza, I was born in Chingola one of the cities in Zambia and that’s where I grew up, we are six in the family, three girls and three boys. I did my primary and high school education in Zambia and later moved to Turkey with my family in 2014. In 2015 I moved to Warsaw Poland that’s where I started doing my Bachelor’s degree in economics at Vistula University and obtained a BA certificate in Economics.

I am very passionate about education because it is something I honestly believe will transform a lot of children’s lives. Working with children is a rewarding experience and one that offers lots of fun, every day is different. It is always my dream to be part of preschool to help children to learn, grow, and develop to their full potential and ability. 

                                                                            What life means to me

Life to me means family and friends those whom I can trust and those who trust me. I like teaching in order to communicate with kids, interacting and cooperating with others toward the achievement of common goals, I always want to learn new things, process new information as well as analyzing problems in order to find a solution.


 My hobbies are watching documentaries, dancing, singing, eating junk foods, shopping and traveling in order to meet new people, learn about other people’s cultures, communicate with people, and eat different foods.       


                                                                  What’s my outlook on my future?

It’s been a year since I graduated from the university, I will probably still be living in Warsaw Poland and pursue my master’s degree in one of these course finance and accounting, international business or professional communication. After my education I guess I will be ready for marriage and have a lovely family.


As I said earlier I was born in Zambia in Africa so I would like to visit more of the European countries, I want to explore in order to learn more about the cultures of different countries and meet different people. Hope you enjoyed reading my short life story as I enjoyed writing it for you. 




Magdalena Świgut

Polish Teacher

My name is Magdalena Świgut, I am a happy mother of a 4-year-old daughter. As a child, I dreamed of working with children in the future. I started working with children 6 years ago as a babysitter, then I started my career in educating children. I am a cheerful, caring, and responsible person.

In my free time, I love to cook, ride a bike and spend time with my loved ones. I am waiting for you, my pupils.

I am very pleased to be part of the Tequesta Preschool.


Axel Solares

Spanish teacher

I was born in Mexico City. I grew up both in Mexico and the USA; as a result, I speak both languages fluently. I have moved around quite a bit. I have lived in Mexico, the USA, Singapore, Germany, China, and Poland.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a Master in Architecture and New urbanism from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Querétaro.

In 2016 I moved to Germany, where I obtained my second master's degree (Master of Sciences in Advanced Urbanism). In 2018, I studied at Tongji University Shanghai (China), where I was awarded the Master of Engineering in Town and Country Planning degree; my third master's. However, I am very interested (and eager) in pursuing a PhD which I will eventually do.

I have worked for the public, private and academic sectors as an Architect, Urban Planner and Designer, University professor, Researcher, language teacher, and caregiver in different countries during my travels.

During my master's studies in 2012, I started teaching languages to some of my friends and classmates at the University. Eventually, the demand for my lessons grew, allowing me to acquire more students. At this point, some of my professors asked me to teach English to their kids, introducing me to the wonders of working with children.

Some of my passions are Architecture and Urban Planning and Design (urban mobility, urban security, Space Syntax...). Industrial design (aesthetics + function). Programming (I made a small video game but kept it to myself and now have forgotten everything :[ ). Astrophysics (the Universe is a mysterious place). Neuroscience (a brain is a complex machine!). Literature (i read a lot... like A LOT). Mythology (YEAH!). Music (I am taking off the dust of my electric guitar, Gillian). Woodworking (I am self-taught).

I also like sports and outdoor activities like in-line skating (I do not fall that much anymore!). Mountain biking (but my bike is in Mexico... I need a new one!). Martial arts (yep! I have trained since I was eighteen and learned how to use a katana... sort of).

And of course, I like other good things like gastronomy (I cook... and eat). Coffee (is there anything to say?). Video games (I love games, but I do not play as much anymore... at least I think I do not).

In a nutshell, I am a highly driven and educated individual who gives my 100% in everything I do. Designing an airport or a city, fabricating a tortilla press, or playing video games, I always put my maximum effort into any task and do not disappoint.


Barbara Ligocka

Polish Teacher

Nazywam się Basia, jestem tabsolwentką Wydziału Pedagogicznego Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

Od dziecka wiedziałam, że chcę być nauczycielką. Już wtedy organizowałam zajęcia dla młodszych dzieci w mojej okolicy, starałam się je wspierać i pomagać. Udzielałam się dużo w wolontariacie m.in w przedszkolu, świetlicy socjoterapeutycznej, gdzie prowadziłam zajęcia oraz pomagałam przy organizacji wyjść. Prywatnie jestem molem książkowym oraz miłośniczką muzyki na żywo.

Mam nadzieję,że czeka nas udana współpraca oraz, że spełnię wymagania wasze i waszych dzieci.


Barbara Ligocka


Rojbin Kilic

Eanglish teacher

Hello, I'm Rojbin (you can call me Robin) and I'm from Turkey.

I have a bachelor's degree in the field of English Language Teaching. I have experience working as an English Teacher for about 2.5 years in Turkey and also I worked as an assistant teacher for my internship at the International Trilingual School of Warsaw by assisting English, Spanish, Polish, French and Chinese teachers in kindergarten and primary schools. Besides my teaching profession, I enjoy working with children and discovering their precious world with them.

Since our teachers are the ones who touch and have a great impact on our lives, I do this profession with great honor and pleasure. I'm really excited to contribute to the future of the children. It will be glad to work with your esteemed school and look forward to having great experiences together.


Sevgi Erkun

English Teacher

Hello my name is Sevgi (you can call me Seva) ,

I am from Türkiye. I have a joint bachelor's degree in English Language Teaching department from two different universities in Türkiye, and I have worked as a trainee teacher in different classes such as secondary school and high school, with my experience of about 1.5 years in kindergarten. I did my voluntary internship at an international trilingual school of Warsaw for three months as an assistant to English, Spanish, Polish, French and Chinese teachers, and also worked with students aged 3-4 years as the main English teacher at the Rubik Music School for approximately one semester. In addition to my teaching profession, I can say that I love working with children and looking at a different world with them every day. I am sure that with many exciting experiences in the atmosphere of this school, my students will be able to acquire the language naturally and their language development will progress considerably. I would like to state that I am very glad to work in such a reputed school. 

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